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When Dean is infected, he experiences extreme fear

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Well, whoever comes out of it will have an easier path to the Stanley Cup than they’d ever expected. The top seed in the West (San Jose) went out meekly in the first round to No. 8 Anaheim, and No. Joseph by the Sea/Holy Trinity gameVikings advanced to the CHSFL AA 2 title game with a 35 14 winOn top of her work with Meals and ECHO, Perretti Discenza also became involved with All Island Kiwanis and City Access, an agency who serves young adults with developmental and visual disabilities.”For anyone who meets Joanie for the first time, it’s evident she has a tremendous heart and passion for helping others, Cortese added. “The Coaches Care Fund wouldn’t be where we are today without her efforts. She is everything that represents what The Coaches Care is all about.”A major portion of the proceeds for the evening’s event will be donated to The Staten Island Early Learning Center, ECHO and Meals on Wheels on behalf of the award recipients.For those wishing to honor the three award recipients, as well as the Coaches Care Fund’s cause, tickets are $75 and includes a four course dinner, open bar, DJ and raffle prizes.

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